Water Feature Installation in Everett

Discover Peace, Serenity, and Beauty in Your Own Backyard

Create a Serene Backyard Oasis with Custom Water Features

Do you love your backyard landscaping but feel like it’s missing something special? Or maybe you’re yearning for more peace and tranquility in the midst of your bustling suburb and busy life. What you need is a water feature installation.

Imagine coming home after a long day to the soothing sounds of flowing water, feeling an immediate sense of peace and serenity. A beautifully installed water feature can bring this calming experience to your own backyard. 

Whether you’re interested in a standalone fountain that you can pull a chair up beside, a gentle rocky stream, or a beautiful koi pond, our team at LRA Landscaping is ready to bring your vision to life. Let us help you create a stunning, serene backyard oasis you’ll love.

Types of Water Features We Install

Our expertly installed water features provide the perfect backdrop for relaxing, unwinding, and enjoying life’s simple pleasures


Fountains are a great centerpiece to add to a backyard garden patio, front walkway, swimming pool area, and anywhere in between. Not only do they add unmatched aesthetic appeal, but you can also enjoy the calming effects of water, which turn your yard into an upscale, relaxing escape. 

  • Stand-Alone Fountains: Perfect for adding a focal point to any garden, outdoor kitchen, deck area, or patio.
  • In-Ground Fountains: In-ground fountains seamlessly blend with your landscape for a natural look.
  • Wall Fountains: Wall foundations are ideal for bringing a sense of peace in smaller spaces or walkways!

Ponds and Waterfalls

Ponds can be as simple or as complex as you like. Add drama and movement with a cascading waterfall, or keep it natural with a koi pond or simple reflection pond. Whatever your vision, a pond is a fantastic way to introduce more natural beauty and the soothing sound of cascading water to your yard.

Streams and Creeks

If waterfalls and fountains aren’t your style, then consider a stream or creek. Ideal for larger landscapes, these features bring a sense of movement and life to your garden. The soothing babbling, curving gently through your landscape, will truly make it feel like you’re out in the wild. You can also integrate rocks, boulders, or stones for a more dramatic and rustic appearance.

Take a Look At Some of Our Water Feature Installations

Our Water Feature Installation Process

We know that you want your backyard to be as unique as you are. That’s why we have a proven process that involves getting to know your individual style and what type of atmosphere you are looking to create.

The Questionnaire

This is where you tell us more about the type of water feature you want and what you envision for your property.

The Consultation

We’ll arrive at your property, scope out the area, and make expert recommendations on the size, location, and style of the water feature.

The Plan

Our team will share a water installation plan that considers the unique features of your property.

The Quote

We’ll send you an accurate quote that clearly outlines your proposed plan's costs.

The Execution

Once you approve our plan, our professional landscapers will get to work installing your water feature with extreme care and precision. We always do our best to respect the integrity of your existing landscape and cause minimal disruption to your home.

Interested in a Water Feature?

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