Landscaping Maintenance In Everett

Comprehensive Landscaping Maintenance Solutions for Everett Homes

Keep Your Home Beautiful with Professional Landscaping Services

Have you ever seen a picture-perfect yard in a magazine and wished it could be yours? With landscaping maintenance services from LRA Landscaping, this is a real possibility. Our experienced, professional team is here to not only improve the aesthetics of your lawn but also increase your property value and ensure a safe, comfortable environment.

Whether you own a residential or commercial property, you can trust us to keep your landscaping at optimal shape. We offer weekly or bi-weekly services, depending on your needs and preferences. Here’s a closer look at what landscaping maintenance from LRA Landscaping entails.

Our Landscaping Maintenance Services In Everett

We offer comprehensive landscaping services that include mowing, mulching, weed control, and everything in between!


It’s no secret that mowing is the key to a well-maintained yard. Since it’s a time-consuming and tedious task, allow us to take it off your plate. Your grass will grow greener, thicker, and healthier, creating beautiful curb appeal that you’ll enjoy and your guests will envy.


Every now and then, you may want to add another layer of mulch to separate your plant beds from your lawn. This can allow your plants to stand out while simplifying lawn care and improving the health of your plants.

Weed Control

The reality is that weeds are inevitable and can spread quickly, creating an eyesore as well as other issues such as pest infestation. Fortunately, our professionals know the ins and outs of proper weed control and pledge to keep those pesky weeds at bay.


Edging creates a barrier for grass and weeds, allowing for neat lines and improving the visual appeal of your property. It also retains mulch and makes it easier to mow or trim around your landscaping. We are experts at edging for all types of yards.

Trimming and Pruning

To maintain their appearance and minimize hazards, your trees, shrubs, and flowers need to be trimmed and pruned. Rest assured, we use the most advanced techniques to ensure your plants are healthy and attractive.

Other Landscaping Services

There are a number of other landscaping services that may make sense in certain situations. These include design consultations, plant feeding, leaf removal, sod installation, and more. We are happy to cater your landscaping plan to your particular residential or commercial property and goals.

Take a Look At Some of Our Lawn Care Work

Five Simple Steps to Maintain a Stunning Landscape

No two lawns are exactly alike. That’s why we take the time to craft the ideal landscaping maintenance proposal for your unique budget and needs. Our simple process includes:

The Questionnaire

This is where you tell us more about your property and landscaping goals.

The Consultation

We’ll arrive at your property, take a look at your lawn, and make recommendations for how to maintain it.

The Plan

Our team will share a landscaping plan that considers the unique features of your property.

The Quote

We’ll send you an accurate quote that clearly outlines all of the costs of your proposed plan.

The Execution

Once you approve our plan, our professional landscapers will get to work and maintain your property on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Interested in Landscaping Maintenance?

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If you’re longing for a stunning, safe yard without the hassle, you can’t go wrong with landscaping maintenance from LRA Landscaping. Schedule your consultation today and speak with one of our professional landscapers.